Suzuki Motorbike Insurance Tips of the Century – Tyre Safety

Keeping your Suzuki motorbike insurance rates low means keeping your driving record squeaky clean if you can manage it. One way to do that is to avoid accidents at all costs. This means taking good care to keep up with your tyre maintenance. Here are a few good tyre tips.Always check the pressure of your tyres. I do this every day before I ride. Not every ride, but every day that I ride. This saves me money on gas mileage and guarantees a safer ride. According to many providers of Suzuki motorbike insurance, a surprising number of accidents happen because of improper tyre pressure.Look closely for cuts, bulges, or other damage to the tyres. This may seem like common sense, but if you want to keep Suzuki motorbike insurance rates affordable, you need to spend money up front on new tyres any time there is damage like this. Plus your life is worth the money.Be sure to use valve caps on your tyre stems. This will protect from dirt and grime and maintain proper seals. While something as tiny as this may not lower your Suzuki motorbike rates, it is certainly a good habit to be in for tyre maintenance in general.Also, stems are an easy place to get damaged. They stick out and often get rubbed or knocked around. Check these frequently.Always replace wheel rims that are warped or cracked or damaged in any way. Most Suzuki motorbike insurance will require good maintenance practices like this anyhow. If an accident occurs and the adjuster finds that you were riding on unsafe wheels, your policy may be void!Never settle for less than 2mm of tread, even though the law says you are allowed less. I always replace my tyres pretty quickly after reaching this point.When tyres are mounted, be sure they are facing the proper way around, and are well balanced. Direction is easy to get wrong and can result in major accidents.